Saturday, May 3, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: Susan Cain's Quiet

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Susan Cain shows us why silence really is golden as she takes top prize on my reading list this year.  This book speaks softly but carries a big stick in the power of its message.  In fact, I was moved to tears just reading the introduction (and I’m not really the emotional type).  This book forced me to, not only realize, but appreciate my introverted nature:  one that is brilliantly creative, deeply introspective, and more often than not, Quiet.  It was a bulwark that inspired me to embrace my true self (idiosyncrasies and all), value my laser-like focus (eschewing interruption for hours on end), and stop striving to conform to the “Extrovert Ideal.”
But the most poignant part of the book wasn’t about me or about any other stereotypical introvert; it was about a Western culture that prizes uninformed extroversion over mild-mannered accuracy.  More telling still, was the historical account of the transformation of American society (and values) from a culture of character to a culture of personality. 
I applaud Susan Cain for her work and encourage every introvert I know (or anyone who wants to understand introverts better) to read her book.  Cain speaks quietly, yet candidly, straight to the  introvert’s heart.  Thanks to her book, I'm no longer a "closet" introvert.  I now fully embrace my inner quietude for all the strength and talent that lies therein, and I hope, after reading this book, others will too.  

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