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BOOK NOTES: Why Men Marry Bitches - Chapter 6

Please refer to introductory comments and definitions of terms in Chapter 1 Notes


Stolen Secrets-All the Highly Classified Things Men Will Share Only in the Company of Other Men

64)  Relationship Principle 64:  Set your own timelines and limits, and leave if it's time to get out.  Until then, don't let him know about your timelines or deal breakers. Then keep your eyes open and watch how he manages his 50 percent of the relationship.  Then you'll get the real deal much quicker.

"As a woman, your best asset is to be unpredictable."

65)  Relationship Principle 65:  A guy who really thinks you could be "the one" will say very little about marriage.  He'll be much more reserved, and will slowly open up over the course of several months, because he won't want to scare you off.

66)  Relationship Principle 66:  The more control you have over yourself, the more of a hold you will have on his heart.

-"A person with self-control is a person who can get up and leave at any time."

 - According to one man:  "No guy wants to be sucked into becoming a meal ticket.  If you are a meal ticket, you feel cheap.  Then you have resentment that begins to grow, and you start to feel that all women can't be trusted."

67)  Relationship Principle 67:  If a man really cares, he feels vulnerable.  That's when he needs a protective shield the most and that's when he'll often behave more coolly.

-"If you always explore new things, and he can see you are growing independently, he will respect you.  There's nothing more attractive than a woman who is passionate about her own life and discovers new things.  He'll work to be a part of that, and he'll work to keep himself just as interesting."

68)  Relationship Principle 68:   Whenever boredom sets in, simply break the routine.  As soon as the routine changes, it will pique his interest and the relationship will become interesting again. 


-"When he truly cares, you won't get the on-again, off-again intermittent contact.  You'll have continuous access and you'll know all aspects of his life."


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