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BOOK NOTES: Why Men Marry Bitches - Chapter 3

Please refer to introductory comments and definitions of terms in Chapter 1 Notes

CHAPTER 3:  The Sun Rises and Sets in his Boxer Shorts

How to Start a Fire in Him That He Can't Put Out

29)  Relationship Principle 29:  Women are constantly being told amazing sex will win a man's heart.  This is false.  Just because a man sleeps with you doesn't mean he cares about you.  Nor will good sex make him care about you.

30)  Relationship Principle 30:  The way to weed out the contenders from the pretenders is to asses their attitude about waiting for sex.  If he likes you, he'll be happy just being in your company.

31)  Relationship Principle 31:  The purpose of waiting is not just to seem classier.  You also want to give yourself time to observe him and find out key facts about him.

32)  Relationship Principle 32:   Who he tells you he is in the beginning has very little to do with how he will treat you.  If there's sex involved, he'll promise you things you've never even heard of.

-"The way men infer that you are loose is not by what you say.  They judge by how sophisticated your technique is the first time you are intimate."

-"A woman who behaves more coolly and casually after sex is the exact opposite of what he is used to experiencing. If a guy doesn't call you after he's been having crazy sex with you, it's because he is expecting a needy reaction."

33)  Relationship Principle 33: When you aren't mind-blown after sex, and you continue to focus on your own life, he'll automatically start looking at you differently. Then he'll start wanting to secure a relationship with you.

34)  Relationship Principle 34:  After sex, behave as if the relationship is still new.

-Men respect anything that they have to invest effort into.

35)  Relationship Principle 35:  Men are intrigued by anything they do not completely control.

-When you don't chase him, he'll come looking for "his girl."

36)  Relationship Principle 36:  When you maintain a bit of privacy and he has to wonder a little where you are, you are stimulating his imagination. The second he can't get a hold of you he'll send out an APB or "all points bulletin" to find you.

37)  Relationship Principle 37:  To a man, a relationship without sex represents a relationship with no love, no affection, and no emotional connection.

38)  Relationship Principle 38:  Always preserve the mystery. Keep the sex sporadic and unpredictable. It makes it much more intense for the man.


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